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Value Added Financial Services

After meeting your compliance needs at the most reasonable price, we pride ourselves on being able to provide financial management consultant services.  At EJJ CPA  we understand that small businesses face many issues on a daily basis that a controller normally handles.  Since most small business owners can’t afford to hire a controller,  they look to us to assist them with matters such as cash flow and tax planning, financing, profitability analysis, expansion, succession planning, just to mention a few.  Individual clients look to us for tax, estate, and retirement planning.  We strive to refer our clients to other financial professionals when appropriate to provide the best service, again at the most reasonable price.

We are proactive and strive to meet or contact clients “before” the end of the year to discuss tax saving measures that are appropriate for each client.  This avoids unpleasant surprises at tax preparation time.  We use leading edge software to project your taxes in multiple scenarios.

ENTITY STRUCTURE:  EJJ CPA will work with your attorney and insurance professional to determine the best structure not only for income tax purposes, but also for legal protection, and workers compensation and liability insurance purposes.

ESTATE AND SUCCESSION PLANNING:  We work with a client’s attorney and insurance professional to develop a plan that meets our clients’ needs.  We can help with structuring a purchase or sale of a company to family members, employees, or outside buyers and sellers.

SHAREHOLDER / PARTNER AGREEMENTS:  We work with a client’s attorney and insurance professional to develop buy-sell agreements and partnership agreements that delicately balance the interests of both the buyer and seller.

BUDGETING:  EJJ CPA will work with closely held businesses and individuals to develop business and personal budgets that achieve their goals with the least amount of hassle.

BUSINESS VALUATION: We work with experts in the field to provide you with this service.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: We are the focal point for your investment and insurance professionals in putting together a plan that meets your goals.  EJJ CPA will assist you to a professional that not only can provide you with the service you need, but also has the personality and chemistry to work harmoniously with you and us. 

PURCHASE AND SALE OF BUSINESS: EJJ CPA can assist clients and their attorneys with choosing the optimal structure for legal and tax purposes when buying or selling a business.

QUICKBOOKS CONSULTING: We have extensive experience with Quickbooks and can assist clients with the setup and installation of the software, and provide ongoing support.

RETIREMENT PLAN SELECTION: EJJ CPA can help you choose the type of plan that best fits your needs, involving Traditional and Roth IRA’s, SEP’s, SIMPLE’s, 401(k)’s, profit sharing plans, and defined benefit pension plans.  We work with local experts in customizing and administering qualified plans.

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